Villa Anson Silj offers a vast choice of experiences to its guests, such as wine and food tastings; tours and explorations; nature and creative retreats.


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From the 19th century, the Silj estate has produced cheese, milk, wine, fruit and vegetables, fresh for the table. From 1949, this has been a meeting place for the Cenacolo artists who came to paint and imagine a brighter future, in which good food and wine played a vital role. We serve the best daily organic ingredients of the Roman-Italian culinary tradition, in season, from local producers or our garden, informal and authoritative.


Italian wines, organic wines, vegan wines, natural wines, both local and from all regions of Italy. Wine tasting events can take place in our garden. 


All the houses at Villa Anson Silj are self-catering but we serve meals to our guests, when they require it. We do a fixed menu based on the best daily ingredients, in season and preferably from local producers, including our own vegetable garden. We cook and season food lightly, with few heavy sauces, letting the quality shine out, informal and authoritative.
We offer vegetarian and vegan options on request.



ROME tours
Gastronomic and wine tours
Garden Tours
Tour of Hill Towns
countryside and woods
Seaside, Lakes, Mountains, Hot Springs
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Spend a week with us contemplating and exploring not just the great City and nearby campagna but also invest in that special Roman idleness, dolce far niente, the sharing of good food and good conversation, exploring special places, meeting extraordinary people, ultimately in the pursuit of non-so-che, (literally don’t know what) which was the Renaissance definition of indefinable beauty. 

You don’t have to be Roman to live like a Roman, but it helps to do it in Rome.

VIllA Anson Silj Tours

Dear Friends, 
We would like to introduce you to our new adventure: Villa Anson Silj tours, starting with three Roman itineraries. 
Step back in time, and forward into the future, with us as your launching pad, nest, and passionate interlocutors. 
Thank you and a presto! 
Bernard and Eleonora

Livia, Empress and Herbalist

Livia Drusilla, most powerful and enigmatic woman in Roman history, wife of emperor Augustus, mother of emperor Tiberius — she stood at the apex of power for almost five decades. Her knowledge of the plant kingdom is commemorated in one of the most famous fresco cycles in the world, presently located in Rome’s Museo Nazionale Romano. Our tour will begin by identifying the 24 plants in the fresco cycle, lovingly replanted on the grounds of Villa Anson Silj. Accompanied by botanists and herbalists, we will then seek for flora on the grounds of Livia’s imperial villa, near her palace on the Palatine, and in decoration of the Pantheon and Ara Pacis. On day two, we offer a workshop on drying herbs, at our very own Villa Anson Silj.

Tour concept by Bernard Anson Silj.

© Villa Anson Silj, 2022.
Technical Partner: My Italian Guide – Sinopie (Rome).

Bookings and info: info@myitalianguide.com

TOUR DURATION: This tour may be customized to range from a minimum of three hours to two days.

INCLUDES: Licensed tour guide, custom tour itinerary, cultural sites tickets, radio amplification systems with disposable headsets.

ITINERARY SUGGESTION, each tour can be customized:
1. Archaeological site, Villa di Livia, Prima Porta
2. Museo Nazionale Romano, Rome
3. The Imperial Palace and her residence on Palatine Hill and Roman Forum
4. Pantheon
5. Ara Pacis Museum
6. Mausoleum of Augustus


Roman Gardens Tour

A journey in time and garden philosophy, from the imperial Roman gardens to the famous Italian Renaissance gardens in Rome. Stone and brick of Rome are replaced by their verdant counterparts, reminding us that this capital city is one of the greenest in the world. Sacred wooded sites, splendid planned parks, urban foraging, and farm to table, are some of the many themes to be treated, in light-hearted walks with botanists and storytellers.

Tour concept by Bernard Anson Silj.

© Villa Anson Silj, 2022.
Technical Partner: My Italian Guide – Sinopie (Rome).

Bookings and info: info@myitalianguide.com

TOUR DURATION: This tour may be customized to range from a minimum of three hours to two days.

INCLUDES: Licensed tour guide, custom tour itinerary, cultural sites tickets, radio amplification systems with disposable headsets.

ITINERARY SUGGESTION, each tour can be customized:

1. Villa Anson Silj garden,  a naturalist’s troll through 5000 years of area history 

2. Villa Borghese – “Park of the Museums” and Galleria Borghese 

3. Villa Medici – French Academy in Rome  

4. Museo Orto Botanico – Rome Botanical Gardens, historical garden of Villa Riario-Corsini

5. Giardino degli Aranci

6. Janiculum Hill

7. Villa Sciarra Gardens

8. Villa Doria Pamphili




The food of Rome and Lazio is strong, intense, simple and genuine: gnocchi (potato dumplings with sauce), pasta Carbonara and Amatricianaporchetta (delicious roasted pork), spring lamb, Trastevere tripe, oxtail stew (Vaccinara) and saltimbocca alla romana. And the Romans have a special attraction for seasonal produce: Roman artichokes, fave broad beans, asparagus, misticanza (wild meadow grass salad). In addition there is the famous Jewish Roman cuisine, for Rome has the oldest standing Jewish community outside Israel. Add to that, Lazio has been experiencing a recent cross-fertilization from other Italian and Mediterranean regions and a wave of the Slow Food Movement. It is very exciting. We can organize gastronomic tours, the lore and contemporary Roman fusion and visits to the wineries which are now producing the finest wines. 


If you are a garden lover you will enjoy our eccentric garden (see OUR GARDEN) and you may visit many other wonderful gardens.

  • Farnese Palazzo Caprarola | One of the great masterpieces of Italian garden art around the formidable pentagonal fortress. 
  • Villa Lante di Bagnaia | One of the most important Mannerist Italian gardens. Bucolic peace and classical ideal of balancing art and nature. 
  • Bomarzo Garden of Monsters | One of the strangest and most mysterious gardens in the world. 
  • Villa d’Este Tivoli | Masterpiece Italian Garden of 1000 fountains. UNESCO world heritage site.
  • Ninfa | Considered by many to be the most beautiful garden on earth built around the ruins of a medieval town. 
  • Castel Gandolfo, Pope’s Private Gardens | The papal summer residence at Castel Gandolfo, perched dramatically above lake Albano 20 miles south of Rome, has meant a lot to many pontiffs.


  • Villa Medici | Statue-filled pleasure grounds, with astonishing views, he same 8 hectare site that included the fabled Gardens of Lucullus, one of the first attempts in the West to tame nature through landscape gardening. 
  • Museum Orto Botanico | Some 3,000 plant species over 12 hectares: where in the 17th century “a queen without a realm”, Christina of Sweden, attempted to turn metals into gold with the help of a group of alchemists. 
  • Giardino degli Aranci
  • Janiculum Park
  • Villa Doria Pamphili
  • Villa Sciarra Gardens
  • Villa Borghese & Palazzo Borghese


No single place in the world can match Rome for historical and cultural richness and importance and most of it can be reached on foot. The issue is how to fit it all in. We have divided this section into two parts (1) Rome City and (2) Rome Countryside. Villa Anson Silj sits exactly between these two.

In order to assist you with a walking or trekking plan, we offer you our “Exploration guide of Central Italy, from Roman Villa Silj” which gives you the places to visit and walk - city and country – in expanding concentric circles (i.e. closest first). 

We can organize guided walks for you both in the country and city.



ROME CITY Walking tours

From its foundation, Rome has continually been linked with the history of humanity, being one of the oldest continuously occupied cities in Europe. Founded on the banks of the Tiber river in 753 B.C., Rome was first the centre of the Roman Republic, then of the Roman Empire, and in the fourth century, became the capital of the Christian world. The modern city was built on top of the ancient city, reusing spaces, buildings and materials. In 1871 Rome became the capital of the Kingdom of Italy, and in 1946 that of the Italian Republic.



This includes the places closest to us like the Selvotta Park with the magic Etruscan cave, the ruined city of Veii and park (5-10 mins away), the magic Tuscia region around us, the lakes, forests stretching out to the Apennine mountains and National Parks rising up to 3,000 meters, which are 90 minutes away.



Our aim is to give our guests a special, one-of- a-kind experiences, keep our tours small, very personalized, with a strong emphasis on storytelling rather than on heaping facts and dates.

Roman Environs 
We are part of the imperial estate of Livia and Augustus – Villa di Livia - and there is a world of wonder to visit in our vicinity. 

Villa di Livia (the villa of Empress Livia and Emperor Augustus) is just down the road. The first  example of imperial Roman Villa - used to be part of our own garden and has now been beautifully restored by the Ministry of Culture.

Arch of Constantine (Malborghetto) 5 minutes away. This magic location, on our estate, is where Emperor Constantine camped his army in 312 AD on the eve of the battle that established Christianity as the state religion of the West. 

Selvotta Etruscan Magic cave. 5 minutes away. Set in a beautiful parkland with great walks, this is an extraordinary place of magic and enchantment. A little lake, a wooden bridge over a waterfall, and a 3000 year old tunnel takes you to the heart of the Etruscan female spirit world. 

Veii Etruscan City. 10 minutes away. In 500 BC, when Rome was little more than a village, Veii was rich and proud, like Athens. It took the Romans the better part of 100 years to overcome it. “Now in her walls the plodding shepherd’s horn / Sings, and amid her bones men reap the corn.” 

Tour of the Etruscan world (Tuscia)

The Etruscans were the last shamans of western Europe. Their landscapes and archeological sites fully reflect their mystery and magic: Norchia, Cerveteri, San Giovenale-Blera, Barbarano and others.

Seaside, Lakes, Mountains, Hot Springs
Few cities in the world have on their doorstep such a bewildering and varied selection of natural places: Seaside, Lakes, Hot springs and Mountains for trekking and skiing. We can organize excursions for our guests.

Here are some of them: 

  • Seaside:  Fregene, Maccarese or Ostia about 40 km.

  • Lakes: Lake Bracciano – (drinking water lake) - 25 km. * Lake Martignano 21 km.

  • Hot springs: Terme di Stigliano 49 km.

  • Mountains Trekking and skiing in the Apennine mountains: Terminillo 100 km. plus many others.

  • Country. Trekking in the country and wildwoods: Parco di Veio 6 km. and the whole of Tuscia beginning at 15 km. (see also Walking and Trekking)

Bike Tours
There are 350 km. of cycle tracks in Rome and in the parklands around Villa Anson Silj. We can organize rental of any type of bike, pick-up, delivery and picnics. 

  • Veio Archaeological Park 130 km of track ranging from easy to difficult.

  • Roman Parks (Villa Ada – Villa Borghese – Villa Pamphili) 58,18 km. - Medium

  • Cycle Track Tevere Nord (Castel Giubileo – Ponte Risorgimento) You can rent a bike on this cycle track and cycle all the way into Rome, even up to Saint Peter’s in about one hour. 24,21 km. - Easy

  • Isola Farnese and park 31,34 km. Medium and 30,26 km. Easy



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Villa Anson Silj is the perfect venue for nature, wellness, creative and corporate retreats