A group of artists called Il Cenacolo, led by artist Paulo Ghiglia, began meeting here in 1949, to paint, eat good food and talk about the future. This Cenacolo harked back to the cenaculum of 38 BCE, led by Maecenas and Livia, which included the likes of Horace, Virgil, Propertius and Ovid, who wrote the Metamorphoses (dedicated to transformations between gods, nature and humanity).
This Cenacolo is still alive – after more than 2000 years – led now by Bernard Anson Silj.

Current activities include the study of plants, contemporary art, storytelling and story mapping and the healing process of Otium-Flora (productive leisure and medicinal plants). 


To participate to the upcoming in-person and virtual Cenacolo meetings please contact .

Portraits of the first Cenacolo group by artist Paulo Ghiglia

Past Cenacoli, at Villa Anson Silj and on tour.



Contemporary art residencies, curated by Dr. Cornelia Lauf. 
Artists have included Edoardo Aruta, Bill Burns, Francesco Ciavaglioli, Sabine Delafon, Barbara Egan, Edoardo Piermattei, Barbara Prenka, and writer Ihsan Baris Gedizlioglu, as well as visitors from foreign academies and Roman universities. Residencies occur intermittantly, with lodging and hospitality provided by Villa Anson Silj. The artists produce work inspired by the location, with a material record created at the end of the residency.